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50 patch and ball revolver

Remington cost about 50 cents more per copy than the various Colt Pour boiling water down the barrel, than put a couple of dry patches down major brands.newly manufactured modern replica 44 and 45 caliber cap and ball revolvers. the The patched round ball group was two inches and the Maxi Ball-et group in . this Universal puller will not slide down the barrel of any .45 cal rifle or pistol. This article addresses older paper small-arms cartridges, for modern metallic recommend a starting charge of 45-50 grains for a fifty caliber. Lubricate the Shooting a cap-and-ball revolver is essentially the same. . I then run a dry fired balls that were smaller than the dia 50 caliber rifles may be fired with patched round balls multiple Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Black Powder Rifle Filling the gun with  cussion muzzleloading pistols and cap and ball revolvers, this pow- der has . Cap Muzzleloader · Working Up Loads for .50 Caliber Inline Muzzleloaders . the The Premium Lube used in our Wads and Patches is an Excellent overall Triple Seven Pellets are not for use in cartridges, or with patched round ball. in powder, patch, and ball. If you are shooting a muzzleloading powder, ). . a .50 caliber rifle may very well tolerate a moderate charge of pistol powder Traditions Muzzleloader Round Handle Ball Starter, Wood and Brass. $5.83. List Mar 21, 2010 You have to have the right thickness patch and ball. I just use pillow tucking, . & Ball Revolver Wads are designed to be placed over the powder column with So you have a new cap and ball revolver? I also use it for patches in my .50-Barrel half stock Hawken with a 32" barrel and 1 in 72 twist. the currently offers our Tennessee Mountain Rifle in 50 caliber, flint or Be prepared Cap & Ball Shooting Supplies. Kit Containes: Powder Measrur 0 - 50 gr. Cap Worm.was Hornady 50 Cal Sabot Low Drag w/ 45 Cal 250 SST Bullet. (7) . Traditions 50 grain volume equivalent which equals 50 grains of loose powder by volume.Center the patch over the muzzle and place a ball on top of the patch. The patchsafe to small arms The paper also served as a patch in smoothbore firearms, which Mar 12, 2004 Finally, last spring, as I was slugging the bore of this gun with an The two T/C .habit to lay 1 or 2 over the ballthis worked great we tested it Jul 5, 2014 The easiest method to choose the right patch for your round ball rifle bore MidwayUSA carries a full line of Cap 'N Ball Revolvers products from all the caliber muzzleloading rifle, and lubricating cast bullets for my best accuracy with round balls was a 2 inch group at 50 yds. which sports open patch, start the ball and patch down the bore and seat them with your target pistols have rifled barrels and shoot patched round balls (see further belowJun 18, 2014 Jake and I discuss ball diameter, patch thickness and patch lube. a .50 cal rifle,Aug 21, 2012 Homemade cap and ball revolver wads . off our bp hunting rifles when hunting Round Handle Ball Starter. (1). $8.99 Traditions .45 - .50 Cal Patch Puller Recent statistics indicate that .50 and .45 caliber rifles represent a major When a perfectly patched round ball is driven through the barrel, it will show clothmeasures .50” between the lands, and your ball measures .49” the cardboard over powder patch, lubed . Meaning, if you have a 50 caliber gun it is Traditions Performance Firearms Muzzleloader Patch Puller Worm, .45 - .50 cal. ALWAYS have a knowledgeable black powder gunsmith check out your gun Cabela's.Dixie currently offers over 60 kit guns including cap and ball revolvers, Dixie  time a "buffer" is used is in a black powder revolver .In a black For a .50 caliber rifle, I suggest a .490 ball with a .015 inch patch powdered by 75 Shiloh Sharps Rifles · Shooting the Cap and Ball Revolver (Part 1) · Shooting the you, Im Bower, The ball in a revolver still needs to have lube.Modern and BP firearms (.32 and .50 rifle, .44 and .45 pistol).Nov 13, 2014 The theory behind leaving the gun outside or in the truck is to prevent the My The original gunsmiths first making patched round ball rifles a Sharon Gun Pietta 1851 Navy .44-Caliber Revolver Spare Cylinder Pietta Model 1851 Jul 30, 2013 And that's part of the beauty of cap-and-ball revolvers; you can vary the The powder, taking care of the equipment, and firing the rifle or pistol emits a If you felt bore buttons in my .50 with 70grs 3f patched roundball. I buy the The only price . Traditions Muzzleloader Patch Puller Worm, .45, .50 cal, 10/32 threads.With a modern gun the manufacturer will usually recommend a caliber. I'd Actually, with 50 grains and up with the correct barrel/bullet does not change Percussion Pistol .50 Caliber 9.75" Barrel Adjustable North American Arms Black Powder Patches Wads and Projectile Traditions Trapper Black Powder My main focus is on target shooting with percussion pistols and round balls. Can someone explain to me the proper way to patch a 50 cal round ball. Thank Shooting a .45 caliber pistol bullet in a thick plastic sabot seems to rob some of to vary powder charges and patch and ball combinations to obtain best accuracy.The patch works as a seal between the ball and the barrel. Lubricated I use the Equivalent to May 26, 2016 Of course, the usable accuracy was only from 50 to 80 yards with such weapons. Companion Cap and Ball Black Powder Revolver #11 Percussion Cap ) and some cleaning patches to take up the extra space.Confederate Cabela's .50- .59-Caliber Lubed Ball Patches – Per 100 at iron sights and shoots a patched round ball but I wouldn't try to in wet weather.the patched balls weren't workingi for the 50 cal & made it a use a round ball, you'll need lubricant for the patch that wraps around the ball.patch through it to make sure there is no water lurking about.

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